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Sweden: Mayday disturbance in Stockholm

matthias | 01.05.2003 19:49

A Mayday street party in central Stockholm this evening led to clashes with the police followed by several arrests and wounded.

According to eye witnesses, police arrested people painting on houses around Stureplan, one of the more fashionable parts of the city, where the party was held. Participants started throwing bottles at the police, which responded by surrounding the crowd. After making some scattered arrests, the police opened up their lines and when the crowd started moving away, one police van and one car was smashed. A group of police tried to protect their vehicles, but were forced back by rains of bottles and stones from the crowd. The police then regrouped and charged, and several people were injured. At least one was picked up by ambulance and taken to hospital after receiving blows to the back and neck by police batons.

Swedish television states that 170 police, many of them in riot gear, participated in the event. Numbers range from 500 to 1500 protesters. Several arrests have been made.

The police had dispersed of the crowd at around 20:30 (8:30 pm), local time.

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