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Strand on Standby

cheeky | 01.05.2003 09:11

London braces itself for Mayday High-Jinx

The Strand: London: 1000
Many shops already boarded up, some still in progress and McShites battoned, so boarding up can be done in a hurry. Several police vans lurking and crowd barriers out in anticipation. Businesses that percieve themselves as targets are already loosing money this morning.




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Strand upheaval

01.05.2003 12:46

Well, if you can count opticians and the West Cornwall Pastie shop, then yes, they are losing business.

Some of the publishers of childrens books at 80 Strand are somewhat inconvenienced, but I dare say that the corporate multinationals which these illiterates suggest are legitimate targets - frankly I don't think that they're batting an eye.

Please campaign properly, rather than through intimidation and violence.


hey lickydog

01.05.2003 13:39

what do you mean

Please campaign properly, rather than through intimidation and violence.
nobody has actually threated intimidation or violence its the mainstream press who have said this
why you reading stuff here or commenting your oviously brain washed by the corperate media
if you aint got a usefull thing to say go back to reading the scum oops sorry i ment the sun
"campaign properly" whats that mean giving money to an agency to do mail-shots or being herded around by cops untill everyone goes home and the powers-that-be dont even see any disent (not that they care about other peopleor the state the planet)
go on admit it your another bloody english moaner

licky caty

Mayday Ground Reports

01.05.2003 14:12

Conveying messages from protesres outside Lockheed right now (3.11pm)

''A small crowd outside Lockheed has been section 12'd, pigs are going to ''escort'' them to t.square. Pigs out number protesters by 10/15 to 1''

''30 pig vans in surrounding area and no movement yet. Number of poilice are staggering''


What do you mean licky caty?

01.05.2003 14:58

The original post says quite clearly that several shops have boarded themselves up fearing that they will be targets. A feeling of intimidation and threat has been created, no doubt not dissimilar to the threats made in the first stages of nazi oppression in the early 30s to ordinary shopkeepers and traders.

Paul Edwards

how dare you

01.05.2003 15:22

how dare you say that.
go read a history book
you may be a nazi in fact prob are to suggest that anti caps and other groups protesting are akin to the nazis
wanker go back to your sun

licky sandpaper tounge