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Announcement: About To Upgrade

16.05.2003 08:44 | Indymedia | Technology

After 3 years of green red & yellow on black, the IMC UK website will change very soon.
We need an upgrade, because the number of daily postings has gone up from five per day in September 2000 to 167 per day in May 2003, because lots of people had to be VERY patient trying to upload big media files, and because a number of regional imc groups is ready to maintain their own imc pages.
Thanks to a different codebase and a different server, the new site will provide all these functions. It will change and improve over the next few weeks, while the various UK IMC groups and users get used to it. IMC UK (= the United Kollektives) are practicing on a test-site and invite you to have a look, too. Please let us know what you think by posting to the test page or sending an email to the imc-uk list - thanks!

We'll keep you posted
IMC United Kollektives