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GM Trial Destroyed

08.05.2003 01:47 | Bio-technology | Ecology | London

Earth Liberation Front managed to disable one of the last midlands GM farm scale trials of Genetically Modified crops.

After several farmers have pulled out of the GM trials, this is one of the last things needed by Aventis, the biotech company dependent on Bayer that benefits from life manipulation.

The group had made various incursions since December 2002. They maintain that GM food farmers are "locked into impossibly tight contracts" and that companies promoting GM crops are simply attempting "to control the entire food production process from seed to plate". In January 2002, Canadian farmers sued Monsanto and Aventis over loss of income caused by GM contaminating their crops.

Although people overwhelmingly oppose the genetic modification of crops, production and use continue to expand for the benefit of corporations. Read a report by Corporate Watch.

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