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Mayday 03: "Serious Disruption To The Business Community"

02.05.2003 02:23 | May Day 2003 | London

LEGAL UPDATE: Were you arrested or injured on Mayday? Did you see anyone being hit or arrested? If so please read here and here for more details.
LDMG Mayday Legal Update from 14/05 here.

Mayday 2003 saw a vast amount of people taking to the streets all over the world. In the UK, several cities and towns participated with various actions taking place, including the occupations of the Labour Party HQ in Bristol, and a Shell petrol station in Glasgow. Other demonstrations took place in Sheffield, Nottingham and many other parts of the UK. In London the Trade Unions marched to Trafalger Square accompanied by Globalise Resistance, Stop the War Coalition and other groups. Autonomous actions also took place at Bechtel's HQ in Hammersmith, Crown Agents' in Victoria, and a Zapatista solidarity action outside the Mexican embassy.

During the whole day and under the banner of "Weapons of Mass Construction", protesters targetted Oil, Arms and Foreign policy, highlighting the connection between these groups in Capitalism and War. Once again, Police overreaction prevented free movement for protest by continuously penning people in and violently arresting protesters. See full Timeline of Events in London. The protests were largely ignored by the mainstream media aside from some scare stories and propaganda prior to the event.

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