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Evening Standard Message Board

Krop | 30.04.2003 13:38

The reactionaries on the Evening Standard website are wising up! Check out their message boards.

A typical kind of post:

The Office workers' MayDay riot sweepstake: (3 Replies)

Posted by: bissoe on 29/04/03 at 07:43 PM

Following points awarded for each of following spotted during the envious wasters’ riot:

Mangey uncared for dog on white string lead: 10 points
Protester wearing Nike trainers: 15 points
Protester wearing anything from GAP: 15 points
Protester throwing stones/bottles: 1 point
Protester fumbling for dole giro and looking for nearest post office: 5 points
Protester not moaning at having said giro snatched from them and told that it is an evil product of capitalism: 100 points
Protester seen anywhere before 9:30am (all still in bed): 50 points
Long lost Eton chums meeting up with much guffaws: 15 points
Multi-millionaire meat dynasty heirs: 50 points
Protester carrying or showing proof of employment: 1000 points

Any other suggestions?

All workers state their guess of the points total in the morning when all self respecting anarchists are still tucked up in bed waiting for the maid to bring them breakfast. Closest to total by 6pm, when "protesters" all safely back in their pubs / caravans / castles / environmentally polluting diesel lorries, wins the kitty !!

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30.04.2003 15:25

I swear that that crapy website has some kind of anti-lefty device which stops you signing up for their pathetic message board. Just as well really, I may have well confirmed thier suspicions.