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Police Advice

Tom | 30.04.2003 08:34

Met Police e-mail to London Employers...

Nice of them to advertise the meet up's


1030 - London Animal Action (West End).
1100 - Critical Mass Bike Ride, meet Royal Festival Hall/under Waterloo bridge.

1200 - TUC march - Assemble Clerkenwell Green, due to leave 1300

Proposed Route:

Clerkenwell Green
Clerkenwell Road
Theobalds Road
Southampton Row

Kings Way
Trafalgar Sq

1300 - Critical mass picnic at Queen Anne's Gate.

1400 - Critical mass meet at Home Office in Birdcage Walk then onto main event.

1400 - TUC rally in Trafalgar Sq, numbers permitting.

1400 - 'Wombles' in High Holborn, Endell Street.
1600 - Wombles, the Strand.
1700 - Possible dispersal.

Protesters are usually peaceful with a few exceptions so there is potential for disorder. There are always external influences such as drugs, alcohol and the weather.

HELPFUL HINTS (these really apply to possible 'targeted buildings' but are worth noting)

Do not allow unauthorised access into your building.
Review vulnerability of the area, look at your neighbours etc.
Review your smoking areas, do not leave fire doors/back doors left propped open.
Restrict the number of entrances that you have open on the day.
Minimise deliveries - avoid them on the day if possible.
Minimise visitors - ask your staff to postpone meetings until after May 1st.
Don't try to cross London on May 1st, some roads will be blocked.
Keep staff informed of any events nearby.
Even if nothing is due to happen, don't forget to inform staff.
Your staff should be OK to arrive at their normal time.
Monitor web sites and keep an eye on SKY NEWS.

WEBSITES (these will be updated throughout the day)

Met Police website HYPERLINK "" \n

Westminster Council HYPERLINK "" \n

City Police website HYPERLINK "" \n



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Why SKY?

30.04.2003 10:06

Do they assume that the BBC might actually report event accurately?
No chance of that with Murdoch's SKY I suppose!


"17:00 possible dispersal"

30.04.2003 12:35

the sinister phrase "17:00 possible dispersal" suggests that the bobbies will go on the beat (as it were) regardless of anything the other side may do or otherwise. at least we know now.

know we know...

Covent Garden

30.04.2003 12:46

The police nightmare scenario is that demonstrators go into Covent Garden an dthe shops / arcades there. This is because a lot of it is pedestrianized so they can't move vans / vehicles in, there are a lot of narrow alleys, and a lot of glass fronted expensive shops.