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American atrocities in Europe after World War II

Realist | 21.04.2003 09:40

After World War II American forces held about three and a half million German prisoners of war and many German civilians in camps for months with no shelter and little food or water. At least 750,000 of these prisoners died of disease, exposure and starvation!

Most of these prisoners had been fleeing westwards to escape from advancing Russian forces and thought that they were heading to safety after fleeing to escape the brutal revenge that they thought the Russian forces would inflict on them.

Those captured by French and British forces were treated relatively well being given plenty of food and shelter. But those captured by American forces were deliberitly denied enough food, or water and shelter and were kept in open enclosures surrounded by barbed wire. This was in clear breach of the Geneva convention. The full story of this atrocity can be read in the book called "other losses" and is one of the forgotten atrocities of World War II.