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Anecdotes about Kim Jong Il during his Russia visit

KIJFAN | 08.04.2003 18:13

There are many anecdotes about leader Kim Jong Il during his historic visit to the Russian Federation. Mysterious natural phenomena took place in Hasan, Novosibirsk, Omsk and other places he went. The rain which had lasted for a week or ten days stopped all of a sudden and the sun began shining. On seeing these phenomena, Russians praised him as a legendary great man capable of controlling nature.

When he visited the Omsk state science library named after Pushkin, the guide said that Jo Ki Chon, a revolutionary poet of Korea, was "Mayakovski of Korea". On hearing this, Kim Jong Il explained that Jo was "Pushkin of Korea" and made a proper appreciation of his exploits and talent. The officials of the library were deeply admired by his warm love of the nation and highly praised him as a genius of literature produced by mankind. There is also an anecdote about his visit to the Mausoleum of Lenin to pay homage to Lenin. Ritbinov, first vice-editor-in-chief of the newspaper Patriot, said that Kim Jong Il's visit to the mausoleum of Lenin signified that the leader of the world cause of socialism declared victory of socialism on red square in Moscow and indicated the way of winning victory of socialism to the communists and the people of the world.
There is an anecdote about the leadership trait of Kim Jong Il who always links whatever he sees or has in mind with the interests of the Korean revolution and the people's living. While conversing with the mayor of the city of St. Petersburg Kim Jong Il raised a question about a turbine with its rotator having an angle of 45 degrees. This made Russians keenly realize what great energy and wisdom he is devoting to the development of the power industry in Korea.
There are anecdotes about what a tight program he had counting every second and minute during his six hour stay in Khabarovsk, how energetically he worked in the entire period of travelling by train, always doing three or four kinds of work at a time without a moment's rest and what a rich knowledge he had of the world history and what an outstanding insight he had into the present situation.



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Kim is keen

09.04.2003 08:59

Regardless of what AmeriKKKa tinks of Kim he is certainly more intelligent than Bushit!!!

For a start he can stuff Bushit in the face and Bushit has to take it. He is certainly unlike those little running doggies and poodles that Bushit can only deal with.

Then again, the Korean army gave AmeriKKKa a resounding kick up the overfed arse before and the US of A knows it can do same again. Kim ain't no Saddam with tinpot army and can't put up a fight.

And that is why Bushit is beating around the bushit before getting nowhere with Kimmee.

Everyday and in everyway, Kimmee is saying and doing something that irritates dictator Bushit's little band of fascists to no end, and there is nothing they can do about it - not even threaten Kimmee with nuclear war.

Kim can Kum

psy ops

09.04.2003 09:53

Weird and seemingly pointless pro/anti Korea articles posted on IMC.. next in line for Shock-and-Awe?



09.04.2003 18:27

Yeah, pointless - the Koreans (the North AND the south) are gonna blunt the point of the next yank thrust into their homeland.


Yeah!!!! Shock and Awe it will be.

And another defeat.

For the yanks (sorry no lackeys for this one!!!!)


kjifan is liar

09.09.2003 10:45

kjifan is a liar. I know him fram Helsinki University of Technology
He is fool who write about Korea to make Indy news look mad. Did same with old Finland IMC also I think.
Ignore him he is fool.

kjifan watcher

finnish student