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IMC Argentina threatened with eviction

transmitter | 08.04.2003 17:15

On 20.03.2003, a posting about an eviction threat against IMC Argentinia reached IMC Germany. Anyone knows more?

They want to evict us

Urgent call to all the friends of Indymedia Argentina

For more than one year,
Indymedia Argentina has been more than a simple site on the internet. It is as well a network, a place to meet, a tool for thousands of people from around the world to inform themselves about what is happening in Argentina- to talk and to get together.

Indymedia is much more than a page on the internet- it is the dream of alternative communication, a different way to handle the news.
And since it is not just a page on the internet- Indymedia Argentina also has a body, brothers and sisters who maintain the site - running from one place to the other to make coverage, organize exhibitions and make videos.

Beyond the hundreds of partners who everyday work with and make the site in an anonymous way from their homes, there are many of us organized in a volunteer based collective.

We are organized and have a beautiful home, a building that at one time was simply a bank, whose owners had abandoned it. A little while ago, almost one year ago, the Popular Asamblea of Lezama Sur thought that this space would be a useful space for the neighborhood. They put their hands into the work and converted it into a space full of life. They provided a space for cultural activities, neighborhood artisans and converted it into a organizational center. Six months ago , they decided that Indymedia could have a space their to get together and work. And so there we are.

At this time, it was known that the judge Ponce has in his hands the order to evict the place. It is a question of hours that will define our situation - we could lose one of our most important spaces, where not only do we keep our few computers, and archives - but where dozens of people come to visit us and bring their news.
It is also where we are constructing, with our own hands a radio that was going to be the first of its kind - functioning out of an asemblea.

We can not allow them to steal our body. We call all our friends - from all over the country and all over the world to defend this recovered space - that is also the home of Indymedia Argentina.

To all our friends from the Capital and General Buenos Aires, we are at Suarez 1244, in the Neighborhood of “La Boca”. In a permanent meeting we will be able to follow whatever is to pass.

To our friends in all parts of the world- we are looking for the solidarity in whatever form it is best expressed.

Stay informed
To everyone - dreams that are can not be removed
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