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Carnival Chaos at BP AGM

24.04.2003 23:48 | London

Around 200 campaigners held a noisy colourful and creative carnival outside British Petroleum's (BP) Annual General Meeting on Thursday at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Arriving shareholders were given hundreds of spoof annual reports highlighting BP's contribution to climate change catastrophes and exploitation of the land and indigenous communities (pics).

The event was also crucial in revealing the complicity of oil companies in the attack on Iraq and other oil wars as they strive to fund, open and control new foreign oil markets.

Inside several protestors shouted objections and let off stink bombs before being ejected. Outside while police protected the entrances banners adorned many walls (pics) and an alternative, humorous but serious, alternative AGM was held with music and poetry. The event was webstreamed live by

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bp agm banner
bp agm banner

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