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Faslane Anti-Nuke/War Blockade

22.04.2003 04:10 | Anti-militarism

Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base in Scotland was blockaded by campaigners of all ages and from many countries for almost ten hours on Tuesday 22nd April.

Starting before 7am the annual big blockade saw over 600 people taking part in the acion, many locking themselves together using chains and plastic tubing as they blocked the access gates of the base. There were over 170 arrests, including seven people arrested during breaches of the base.

Banners were hung on the fences and giant puppets danced in the street to the sounds of a samba band as three different waves of activists arrived at the base. One campaigner said: "This has been a great action with so many people with such a diversity of age, nationality and background willing to put themselves on the line to disrupt these horrifying weapons of mass destruction."

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faslane base lock-on pic
faslane base lock-on pic

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