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Wooden Bullets, Concussion Grenades, Pellet Bags From Shotguns

08.04.2003 00:23

US police in Oakland attacked peace protestors on Monday 7th as hundreds were demonstrating at the docks of American President Lines (APL) and Stevedoring Services of America (SSA). SSA was awarded a $4.8 million contract for a year's operation of the Port of Umm Qasr in Iraq.

The Oakland Police Department moved in to disperse the demonstrators, using concussion grenades, wooden bullets, beanbags full of pellets and other munitions. Dozens of people, including six onlooking longshoreman dock workers, suffered injuries and over 35 other protesters and port workers were arrested. Police defended their actions saying some people threw rocks at police. Many dockworkers later closed parts of the port in protest.
See full story. For more see IMC San Francisco.

injuries from police attack at oackland docks
injuries from police attack at oackland docks

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