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Protests As Bush and Blair Meet

07.04.2003 10:36

Protests are being held in Hillsborough as Bush flies into town to meet Blair. For Breaking News see IMC Ireland. Another protest is planned for tuesday in Belfast City centre. See digest for related info.

Reports... as of 20.00 - Monday 7th April
approx 3000 on the road from Sprucefield, meets line of riot police at 19.20 *** Some arrests being made (at least 7) *** Under 100 in the town itself staged a die-in and were removed by riot cops *** Bush arrives in town by helicopter, rumours of a motorcade to the castle itself *** Bikes not Bombs arrive and locals call for the troops to return home *** People getting in to Hillsborough by the back roads from the main demonstration *** Town centre sealed off *** Bomb alerts close roads .
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Reports - Tuesday 8th April
• 12.30 - Schools walk out against the war.
• 13.00 50+ people gathered in a vigil for peace in Boyle town square.
• 13.30 - A crowd of up to 300 gathered outside the Belfast City Hall at 1pm. Several peacefull protestors arrested by riot police.
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bush not welcome
bush not welcome

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