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Reclaim The Bases - Day One

06.04.2003 05:25

Bases (saturday 5th april)
Actions and protests at 5 bases: read press release

Naval HQ Portsmouth: 120 anti war activists gathered for nonviolent direct action at the Naval HQ and shut it down by proxy as the MOD closed all the gates for the entire day. A banner was dropped from the harbour and one arrest made.

USAF FAirford: Severe restrictions in place: Around 100 peace campaigners took part in the sponsored terrorism act stop and search competition. Police blocked off many of the access roads and, despite peoples insistence that they had no intention of marching, the police organised a march themselves! At one point police threatened to arrest people under Section 12 of the Public Order Act for not getting in a police coach to take to them to the police organised demo! Activists and media were prevented from visiting the peace camp at Gate 10, which has been the target of increased harrasment. The competion continues on Sunday.

RAF Stafford: Following a vigil in Stafford Market 120 anti war protestors, including a 20 strong samba band marched to RAF Stafford, host to the Tactical Support Wing.The protestors gathered in front of the gates, released doves for peace, and attached anti war messages to the fence.

Devonport, Plymouth: 70 anti war activists, 15 in white weapons inspectors suits, staged a weapons inspection. They banged on the gates and hung notices recording that weapons inspectors were denied access to a base hosting illegal weapons of mass destruction, including at least 12 nuclear powered submarines.

Fylingdales US Space Command: 60 anti war activists, flying foil kites and wearing foil clothes joined an anti war demonstration at Fylingdales, part of the Star Wars system. Three people managed to find their way inside the base. Two of them were ejected, the other one was arrested for breach of bail conditions (pics).

Palace Barracks, Co Down, N. Ireland: Campaigners blocked the base (report + pics).

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