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famous Dutch pop singer gains global support protest song

Judith Jobse | 29.03.2003 20:24

Famous dutch pop singer (winner "Your Big Break", singer final tune Dutch Big Brother) gains global support for her protest song "Fools rule the world"

Dear people,

I am a famous Dutch singer/songwriter and I wrote a protestsong against the war "fools rule the world" (Pop music, but there is also a dance-mix) I try to get global support for my song by internet. I have already had a lot of positive reactions from all over the world. In the Dutch media my song is very ‘hot’ at this moment . Everybody can download my song for free and I hope that a lot of people will do that, burn a cd & play it (at home or at the radio). You can download the song at


Bush: “we need to break the cycle of violence”
Roosevelt: “ the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”
Bush: “it’s essential”

Mighty man, do you know the names
of the innocent people used up in your games
you give one-way tickets to eternal lifes
to our parents, children, husbands and wives

A world in sorrow is what you leave behind
yet nobody stops you, are we all so blind
see those angels fly, while our brothers die

refrain: tell me , tell me, why do fools rule the world
to gain power with our lifes
fools, we let fools fool with other peoples' lifes

Enjoy your freedom when you've lost your child
when hurt captures your heart you are a prisoner for life
killing the beast doesn't ease the pain
hate has never brought love

With love

Judith Jobse