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VIDEO Anti war protests in DUBLIN

IMC IRELAND | 21.03.2003 16:15

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DAY X - US War-crimes now Irish War crimes

Today our so-called Government will sell out the Irish Nation. By aiding the US Military we will be accomplices in a war, which could see the Murder of thousands of innocent Iraq women and children. These are not the actions of the Country I love

We the people of Ireland can not allow this to happen in our name, we must stand up to our Politicians, tell them enough is enough! The people have spoken and again the Government treats us like fools.

War can be a very disenpowering Experience, but this could also be our chance to stand up and make a difference.

Bertie Ahern wont FUDGE his way out of this one, History will be Harsh

We call on our government to obey the wishes of the Irish people, not the US Government or Corporate interests


When is it right to take the law in to your own hands? When your government has failed you? When Humanity itself is under threat? We must make a stand while we still can. Everybody can make a difference, now is the time to stand up and be counted. Its time to mobilize against this injustice

Lets display our democratic right to demonstrate When the system goes too far, it sows the seeds of its own collapse, We are not looking for revolution, just that our elected leaders, listen to the voice of the people

Many people (now disillusioned/frustrated with our corrupt political process) and who have never partaken in NVDA Non Violent Direct Action Before may now be thinking that its time to make a stand. Anyone wishing to involve them selves in civil disobedience or direct action should consider the following: -

A Badly planned unfocused Action could be ineffective or even detrimental, while an well thought well planed action can be the most effective, some you’d say only course of action left open to us.

IT creates problems for those in power that will not go away until they give in Make it more costly for those in power to resist than to give in

Think classic Gandhi/King style of civil disobedience (NVDA) Non Violent Direct Action be Creative and have fun

list specific demands, What are your goals have realistic targets

target a group or individual with the power to bring about the desired change

Educate the public, Explain yourselves think Press Release etc.

Our government has once again sold us out to the lowest bidder, US we don’t want your blood money, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME AT SHANNON

Are we all Angry Anarchists out to cause mayhem and distraction, No, we are just ordinary people who feel we are left with on other course of action

Be responsible and know your rights

Remember we are the Non-violent ones, PEACE PROTESTERS

Change comes about by friction, time to cause some friction. Look back All our Rights, we got from Somebody willing to make that stand (Women’s vote to Constitution) Is Direct Action only OK if it happened in the past? or another country? (South Africa)

A Question of Good and Evil? The World is Polarising, Power is shifting, new lines are being drawn, History is being made, be part of it...

Any Ideas? Blockades, Sit-downs, Lockdowns,

Knowledge Is Power do your Research