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manchester protests

michael | 21.03.2003 15:56 | Anti-militarism

street blockades in Manchester (Fri 21 Mar)

Networking Newsletter (Issue 46): Manchester Against War

Stopping the War

--> Last update: Fri 21 Mar (3:40pm)  Please email us with any additions

We've attempted to summarize and give pointers to forthcoming anti-war events, and give some feedback on recent events, as well as useful contacts. More information on Manchester events can be found at Manchester Stop the War's web site. Given the rapidly changing situation, you are advised to check these sites regularly.

photo: thousands gather in Piccadilly Gardens
Thousands gather in Piccadilly Gardens to call for peace (Thurs 20 March)


The war commenced in the early hours of Thurs 20 March bringing thousands onto the streets in the evening. Stop the city anyway you can, eg with blockades arranged for Friday morning. And a choice of three Saturday protests

Fri 21 March
2pm: Students attempt to block Princess Road, Hulme but are herded away by heavy handed police. Several arrests.
Morning: photo: protesters block Oxford Road morning: protestors march from Whalley Range and Hulme to (partially) block Princess Parkway and Oxford Road (see photo on right)

Planned Protests

Demonstrate this Saturday (22 March)

You've (at least!) 3 choices: London (march/rally), Menwith Hill (foil the base) and Manchester (march/rally):


The Stop The War Coalition has called a national demonstration against the imminent war on Iraq for Saturday 22 March 2003, 12noon in London. The assembly points will be the same as those on the 15th February 2003 ie: Route A - Gower Street, for all those from the North; and Route B - Embankment, for everyone else (including London). For further information please contact the office on 0207 053 2153/4/5/6.
Transport to Demo
Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition will be organising transport to London. Coaches are planned to go from Chorlton Street Bus Station in Manchester at around 7am. £10 unwaged, £15 waged, £20 solidarity. To book please contact your local contact:
  • Central Manchester/Chorlton St Bus station: Hilary 07985 007 494
  • Bolton: Neil 07931 382 398
  • Bury/Prestwich: Geoff 07905 327 690
  • Cheetham Hill/North Manc'r: Kay 0161 203 5064
  • Chorlton: Colin or Ewa 0161 881 1070
  • Didsbury: Tim 07971 788 096
  • High Peaks: Mary 01457 852 347
  • Longsight: Kate 07734 809 616 or Richard 07753 273 860
  • Levenshulme: Charlotte 07866 065 062
  • Oldham: Ameen 07966 316 029
  • Salford Uni/ Eccles: Gary 07876 213 776
  • Stockport: Sheila 07803 928 178
  • Tameside: Tony 077865 30146
  • (Manchester Met) Uni: Zenib 07973 899 476
  • (Manchester) University: Fergus 07887 564 182
  • Withington: John 07961 820 710
Contact ANSWER (07760 224 580, for more information.

Foil the Base

Saturday 22, Menwith Hill, Yorkshire. Transport from Manchester.
A day of peaceful creative direct action, music, speakers and a tour at the US military base Menwith Hill would play a crucial role in any war on Iraq. As the largest electronic monitoring station in the world it picks up communications from satellites covering the Middle East - it even won an award for its eavesdropping in the last Gulf War. It is the ‘brains’ of any attack on Iraq. Menwith is also a key base for the project of long-term military aggression - ‘Star Wars’. To ‘foil the base’ (disrupt satellite signals at the base) there has to be as much foil in the air as possible. Bring foil kites, foil balloons, foil puppets; use your imagination! Make your demonstrations visible at the real heart of the military machine; if only a fraction of the people marching in London take action at military bases the war will become unworkable. Coaches from Manchester will cost £5 or £10 solidarity, will leave at 10am and should be back around 6pm.
Info: Neighbours Against War (07905 913 139,; transport (07816 420 391) or GM&D CND (0161 273 8283,

Manchester Peace Vigil

Saturday 22, Manchester If you can't get to either of the above, there will be a demonstration in Manchester at All Saints at 1pm for procession to the Peace Gardens for a vigil at 2pm. Take your placards, banners, candles, etc.

Brief details of up-coming events

Next local demo...
photo: march in London

Above & below: A million march in London in protest at plans for war on Iraq
photo: march in London

Recent Demos

Other Actions to Take

We hope to add more initiatives shortly. Unfortunately, we can't recommend that any, or even doing all, of these will stop the war...



Mainly local and regional contacts, with a splattering of main national organisations and resources:

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Photos: Tony/Manchester FoE, Graeme/Manchester FoE, Rob S/LETS

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