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Its time for regime change at home...

Dan | 20.03.2003 00:19

The clock has just ticked past midnight, day X has arrived!

The British people have been dragged into an aggressive attack without their consent. As our taxes fall as death from the skys of Iraq, what are we going to do about it?

The government is warning of "terror attacks" in our fair isle, they advise us to stay indoors and watch TV for news alerts of impending disaster.

They know what is coming and it has nothing to do with foreign terrorists, it is domestic dissent and revolution that they fear. Thousands have already been in the streets on the day before the attack. Will it be millions today?

At mid-day, get to your local town or city centre and make as much noise as possible. Block roads, occupy government buildings, be creative and don't give up. We can make sure that these fascist war-mongers are brought to account and democracy is restored in our country.

Keep it peaceful, stop the country, stop the war.

The major media is watching Iraq and ignoring our efforts but experience has shown that we don't need to be spoon-fed their "truth" anymore. We know the mood of the country and it is not pretty. Blair is scared. Give him reason to be.