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Arrests at Fairford under the Prevention of Terrorism Act

camcordia | 18.03.2003 16:40

Arrests at Fairford under thhe prevention of Terrorism Act.

Several people including former Faslane Peace Camp resident Jess Garret have been arrested at Fairford Peace Camp under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.
She was searched along with several others and arrested when the police found a hand drawn sketch of the airbase in her pocket - she is currently being held at Newbury Police Station under the Prevention of Terrorism Act until further notice.



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Terrorists are leading the Damned Government

18.03.2003 18:23

.. their day to face the music and popular wrath has now come .. let's get it on!!



19.03.2003 01:13



18th March 2003, for immediate release

Earlier today a protestor who had been staying at RAF Welford, Berkshire, as
part of an anti-militarist camp was arrested under Section 58 of the
Terrorism Act 2000. Section 58 is a very serious offence which carries a
maximum sentence of 10 years. After being held at Newbury police station for
the whole day, she was released without charge.

The sole remaining occupant of the camp, Violeta Lass, was given an
ultimatum by the police that she had to either pack up the whole camp and be
driven away or she would be arrested.

She said: "I had to pack up the whole camp on my own: a twenty person tent
and three other tents, cooking equipment, food and personal belongings of my
friends who had been arrested."

The police searched the camp and confiscated many items, including her
mobile phone. When she asked the National Public Order Tactical Advisor who
was present why they had taken her phone, he replied, "You're not getting an

The behaviour of the police in this situation and their use of
anti-terrorist laws to criminalise peace protestors is concerning. When the
anti-terrorism laws were introduced many people feared they would be used to
stifle peaceful protest and that is exactly what is happening.

The three activists who were arrested for conspiracy yesterday were charged
with 'going equipped' and released last night. Throughout the camp at
Welford and many other anti-war protests, the main tactic used by the police
has been to arrest activists in order to bail them out of the area. Those
three have been bailed away from RAF Welford and USAF Fairford, thereby
putting an end to their peaceful protest.

For more information contact the group's Media Officer, Kate Jackson on
07817 061183 or by email at

Notes For Editors:

The protestors were camping near RAF Welford, Berkshire in order to watch
the base round the clock and take direct action to stop bombs from being
taken to Fairford.

RAF Welford is run as a satellite to Fairford by the 424th Air Base
Squadron. The base's primary mission is to support the bomber forward
operating location at USAF Fairford. It is certain in the event of war on
Iraq bombs will be taken from Welford to Fairford. Although Fairford has a
small supply of bombs, once these have been used bombs from Welford will be
transported by lorry to Fairford, 38 miles away.

Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000 says "A person commits an offence if-
(a) he collects or makes a record of information of a kind likely to be
useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, or (b) he
possesses a document or record containing information of that kind."

Welford Anti-Militarist Camp