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Bush and Blair pull out the stops to save Buddy Soddem

cheryl | 18.03.2003 10:47

Bush and Blair are hoping their pal Soddem saves his neck. Proving their war is not with murdering dictator pal Soddem but with the ordinary already oppressed iraqi population.

Soddem will sneak out in the night leaving his citizens to endure blanket bombing, well thats one way to get rid of those pesky rebelling Iraqi and Kurd peasants. Soddem wins out once again thanks to his pals Bush and Blair.



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looking after their patsies

18.03.2003 11:23

Too true - they like to preserve their 'enemies' for the next time they need a war.
See also Osama


getting away

18.03.2003 11:55

He is a survivor. He has had long enough warning to prepare. He could easily arrange to get a war injury which disfigures his face, and join the long lines of refugees that will be wandering homeless everywhere.

Except this particular refugee will have memorized a couple of key swiss bank account numbers.

The Americans will find Saddam's body, but it will belong to one of his doubles. The body will be cremated before it has been DNA tested and verified. (The same as what happened to Pol Pot's body, although he may actually be dead.)

For extra comedy value the Americans may find more than one dead double and, in their excitement, declare both as the genuine article. It's certainly a trophy any marine company would want to have-- finding the real Saddam. Best effect is to argue in public that the one the other company found is the fake.

We'll laugh heartily. Of course, it will take about a day for people to forget it, as they did the fake takes from OBN, and fake lists of 911 hijackers which included people who were still alive, and the fake documents for the Iraqi uranium shipments, and all the rest.