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Censorship on indymedia

Free Speech | 15.03.2003 19:39

How can you call this independant media, when in reality all it is a platform for left wing anarchists only.

I'm sick of seeing the name INDY media, when in reality this website is not independant.

How can this site claim to be an independant source of news when you censor and remove anything that isn't in-line with the left-wing anarchist ideology. It seems to me the most convincing posts from other political creeds are always removed, sometimes within minutes. This is disgraceful.

The only media this is is for the left wing only, so you should stop calling yourselves something that you blatently aren't.

You might quip back that the stories are corporate, no, barely any of the ones that have been pulled came from the corporate media. You may accuse them of racism, when your editors don't even read the posts - the rule seems to be, if its not left wing then delete it, whatever the material.

How can a proper debate be had if indymedia censors material just like the mainstream corporate media does.

This is not indymedia, it's censormedia, with all the hallmarks of the Communist secret police, libertarians? more like authoritarian communists!

Free Speech


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