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Exeter War Demo

Tom | 15.03.2003 17:39

Disgraceful coverage on BBC spotlight.

Today saw Exeter's biggest yet anti war march. 3500 people were on the march by a conservative estimate. The coverage on BBC spotlight (southwest regional news) however was a complete sham. just four pro war demonstators were holding placards saying 'let blair do his job' and the BBC team gave them far more airtime than the 3500 marchers (which they claimed numbered just 1000). all in all the bbc report seemed to be trying to belittle the achievement of the day which is a great shame considering the number of service personel in the region who are put at risk by Blair's foolery. for what it's worth the number to call to complain against Spotlight's coverage is:

01752 229201

Oh...and the march was excellent!!!!!