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International students join Global Peace Vigil

Joel Kenrick | 15.03.2003 17:15

Students at Atlantic College in South Wales will join millions around the world in the Global Vigil for Peace on Sunday at 19:00 as part of a worldwide show of opposition to War


International Citizens For Peace

Date: Saturday 15th March 2003,
Contact: International Citizens for Peace – Joel Kenrick (01446 799237)
Photo Call: Sunday 16th March, 19:00, St Donats Castle, Vale of Glamorgan.


International students to hold Candlelight Vigil for Peace,
As part of a worldwide show of opposition to War

International students at Atlantic College will be joining the global candlelight vigil for peace taking place this Sunday, 16th March, at 19:00. Around one hundred students from five continents and countries including Security Council members China, France, Germany, Pakistan, Russia, UK, and USA are expected to join together in the grounds of the historic St Donat’s Castle. Christians and Atheists, Jews and Muslims will be taking part in the vigil, one of around 5000 planned in over 100 countries around the world.

Emily Trostle, an 18 year old American, is organising the vigil. She said:

“It's time for the world to come together in this moment of darkness and rekindle the light of reason – and of hope. It's time to renew our commitment to building a peaceful world for future generations. As people from around the world we want to show that we cannot stand by while our leaders seem intent on war and violence. Together, we will lead the nations of the world away from an unnecessary war and toward a peaceful and prosperous future.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has led calls for the global vigil, coordinated by the American Win Without War coalition. Its members include, who last week handed a petition to the UN Security Council with over one million signatures. Ordinary people and local groups have already planned over 300 vigils around Britain, including at least 20 in Wales. With the UK and USA meeting in the Azores the vigil is being seen as a final ‘push for peace’ to convince the UK government that the people of Britain, and the world, do not back an invasion of Iraq.

Many of the students took part in previous marches in London, Cardiff and took part in a symbolic ‘Weapons Inspection’ of RAF St Athans in January. They plan to leave the college on the day a war breaks out and travel to Cardiff to join a huge demonstration. Thousands of people are expected to leave work, college and school and take to the streets of central Cardiff if war is declared.


- Bilingual interviews with the students will be available. For more contact Joel Kenrick on 01446 799237 or See our website at
- For more on the Global Candlelight Vigil see
- Contact Jill Stallard, CND Cymru, for more on Welsh activities: (01550) 750 260
- The Stop the War Coalition are planning a demonstration on the Saturday after War breaks out in London. Contact or the Press Office on 020 7278 5786 or 020 7278 6702
- Atlantic College is one of ten United World Colleges around the world. More than 300 students from 73 countries study for the two-year IB exam, most on scholarship. For more information see or contact Laura Henderson on 01446 799147.

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