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symbolism on the front

(not) dh | 15.03.2003 13:54

While driving through Germany on Friday (14 03) I tuned into MPR an american forces radio, they went to Q8 where they
were told by a british officer that the furthest point of the advance would be marked by a flag with a red cross on white background, err thats quite symbolic ?? modern day crusade ?
anyone got anymore info on this ?

Driving through Germany , Basel to Oberhausen and beyond, I tuned into an
American Army radio (MPR) yeah some quite interesting topix covered by their various reports. Obviously somewhat biased especially the coverage of the israeli
occupation of palestine. Like the beeb, palestinians are referred to as gunmen
who become casualties in clashes with Israeli security forces.All the dead are suspected militants and therefore every thing is hunky dory.

At a certain point we are off to Kuwait were 25.000 UK troops are preparing for the invasion of iraq and putting on a show, (could be earls court) we are introduced to some officer guy , Jock something or other, who we are told represents the UK forces. he pipes up in a good old jolly hockey sticks cum rugy club action accent. and informs us that this the latest challenger tank
and if you get in the way of a challenger YOU LOSE !!!
So onto a demo, for the worlds press, of how the UK troops are going to clean out the iraqi positions,
Pretty basic the tanks set up shop a couple of hundred yards from the enemy trenches and blast the shite out of any vehicles or structures.... whatever

having zapped everything , an armoured vehicle(scorpion I think) rolls up and six guys get out of the back , they run around to the trench and put up the zulu brigade flag, to show who is holding the spot and also a flag with a RED CROSS ON A WHITE background, nothing to do with the Knights templars, Cour lione ect ect . this flag represents the furthest point of penetration on the front, perhaps just this particular part of the front, it wasn’t too clear .
I guess the sceptix(yanks) will be using the all seeing eye
skull bones or some other piece of symbolism on their fronts, perhaps the exxon double cross from the house of lorraine would be apt for this little crusade ..

anyone got anymore info on these flags ???

British troops will be using a red cross on a white background flag to mark the furthest point of their advance into Iraqi territory ..

(not) dh


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Oh Shit! Yanks think the flags IS the target

15.03.2003 18:11

Oh Shit! Yanks think the flags IS the target
Oh Shit! Yanks think the flags IS the target

Seem to remember the Yanks killing more British troops in the last Gulf War than the Iraqis did. Two Scorpions blown to bits by a roaming gung ho yank as it happens. THE SCORPIONS HAD ON TOP A RED CROSS ON A WHITE BACKGROUND!!!!

Title of Painting is " Corporate Machinery"
The small tags on the helmets in the pic read "Halliburton"

M Lacey
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