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Albert Kada | 15.03.2003 06:46

Unlike talk radio pervert Howard Stern who tried to claim monetary damages for an old idea because he talked about it on his show, this idea is free for the public to use. I have sent it to the United Nations.

"ASK A STUPID AMERICAN", "AAS AMERICA" for short, is a game show with a live unamerican audience with 2 buttons in front of each guest. One for YES, one for NO. The show contacts a US citizen and asks a simple question.

EXAMPLE: Is Oliver North a war criminal?

The audience then answers the question as quickly as they can before the 3 second deadline, votes are tabulated, and the correct answer given as predetermined by an international panel of experts.

The audience should collect points and prizes collectively.

The American should be thanked for participating in a survey and laughed at.

Prizes and production can be financed through Rewards for Justice dot net. See my article ROADMAP TO PEACE FROM ISLAND ARAFAT ASKS DIRECTIONS for financing rules and participation. AVOID WHERE RESTRICTED IN YOUR EXACT GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION.


Is Oliver North A-a war criminal B-a congressman
C-a journalist D-all of the above

Is Alabama in the United States?

Did the US use nuclear weapons on Iraq?

Did Saddam Hussein blow up the World Trade Center?

Is Bush a moron bomb?

Is Afghanistan in Europe?

Is Dumas Texas A-a city in Texas B-a high school
C-post office C-all of the above

Can a University of Texas computer science student "hack"
into the college computer system?
A-only if the system is broken
B-if he is a good student
C-no, he owns this public utility therefore he can't break in to it
D-all of the above

Is the TV a dangerous weapon of war?
A-Only on Fox news channel
B-Only for foreigners
D-all of the above

Can the TV be used for peace?
A-Only on Fox news channel
B-Only for foreigners
D-none of the above

In the off chance that the American gets the answer right the
points and difficulty increase.

This program will debut if aired.

by Albert Kada
Independent Terrorist Journalist
Special Agent CIA-A-1
World's only publisher of computer viruses besides Microsoft.
Stolen from the unpublished newspaper "The American Blasphemer" please copy

Albert Kada
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