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Heard the Latest From Fascist/nationalist U.S. Congress?

STOP NYC Inc. | 13.03.2003 03:14

Welcome to the New AmeriKKKan Century-and "Freedom Fries"!

In addition to hating Iraq, now the U.S. Congress has added France to its ever-growing hate list. The hatred runs so deep that they have voted to re-name deep fried potatoes "Freedom Fries" instead of French Fries. Of course, this childish act does nothing to change the fact that deep frying of potatoes was STILL invented in France-along with blue-denim jeans, and a whole lot of other things from France and other countries the AmeriKKKans like to claim as "their own".



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bush farting again

13.03.2003 11:22

Germanystinks -- france -- etc. pp

Internet: · "Germany Stinks"

. Pendant: "France Stinks"

· Patriot "Stinks"-Ableger: Big Boots

SPIEGEL ONLINE - 13. März 2003, 10:59

Die Rückkehr der Stinker

Popularität hat ihren Preis, vor allem, wenn man eher berüchtigt als berühmt ist: Nachdem Germanystinks in der letzten Woche Schlagzeilen machte, ging die Website angeblich in einer "Anti-amerikanischen Attacke deutscher Hacker" unter. Jetzt stinkt sie wieder - mehr oder weniger.


facts wrong

13.03.2003 14:34

Please note, the US Congress is NOT nationalist, George W BUsh is NOT nationalist.

Nationalists OPPOSE the War in Iraq.

It is a war for Oil and a war for Israel, so that they can re-structure the entire of the Middle East.

Bringing hellfire on the USA from Islamic militants, in retaliation, is NOT in the national interest! Especially when the war is for Israel!

Real nationalists, in America and Europe, oppose the war and oppose Jewish/Zionist domination of the media/public opinion and the governments of the west.


hey hey it's the Nazis!

13.03.2003 15:10

So Jews control the media, huh? Fuck off.

If you really think people campaigning against war and for freedom for Palestine are dumb enough to think that you bunch of sad-act no-mates racist morons are on our side, think again. Take your hate and frustration elsewhere.