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Peace Activists Close Trident Refit Factory

01.03.2003 09:14

Seven Midlands peace campaigners were arrested this morning after successfully closing the Rolls Royce site at Derby for 1 hour. The company was targeted for its crucial role in the manufacturing of fuel components for nuclear submarines. The activists from Trident Ploughshares, the direct action campaign to peacefully disarm the British Trident nuclear weapons system, closed the Raynesway site just before 7am. They locked themselves to the entrance gates with a variety of chains, padlocks and thumb locks, closing the factory just as employees were arriving for work. A traffic jam ensued and some employees were sent away. All 7 were charged with breach of the peace, taken to St Mary's Wharf police station in Derby and later released without charge. Read report and photos

Trident blockade
Trident blockade

Trident Ploughshares

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