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Letter from an Orthodox Jew

Adiv Abramson | 25.02.2003 12:13

"For believing Jews, Zionism is anathema to our religion"

I am an orthodox Jew who is opposed to Zionism. I am shocked and horrified at the latest allegations of mutilation and desecration of murdered Palestinian civilians at the hands of the Zionist occupation forces. No human possessed of a modicum of moral character could possibly condone the criminal actions perpetrated by the Zionists, least of all authentic Jews. If you have not had the opportunity to do so, may I suggest you visit the following web sites which lay out the authentic Jewish position, based on the Torah and Prophets and Sages, concerning Palestine.

These sites include:

These sites will explain to you how abhorrent and abominable the Zionist Reich is in the eyes of orthodox Jews who have not been tainted and seduced by the Zionist apostasy. For believing Jews, Zionism is anathema to our religion, indeed to our very being. Real Jews do not want to take over Palestine. Real Jews wish to live in peace with all peoples, especially our Arab/Muslim cousins. Real Jews commiserate with the suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of the satanic Zionist Reich. Real Jews call upon the UN to dismantle the Zionist Reich and correct its fateful and tragic error made some 54 years ago in which it legitimized the rape and colonization of Palestine by the Zionists, who, as far as we are concerned, are not Jews at all but rather heretics (kufr) and the reincarnation of 'Amalek, the Biblical arch nemesis of the Jewish people. We entreat G-d thrice daily to bring an end to the dominion of the heretical Zionist Reich and to restore all of historic Palestine to its rightful owners, the Palestinians, in accordance with His divine will. We yet hope for the restoration of amicable relations between Arabs/Muslims and Jews as was the case in the past. The dissolution of the Zionist Reich will enable all mankind to live in peace and security. Tahya Dawlat Filasteen.

Sincerely, Adiv Abramson Feb 24, 2003

Posted by Dhoud in Nablus, PALESTINE

Adiv Abramson


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