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Albert Kada | 02.02.2003 21:07

Bush seizes the opportunity to preach satanism on TV. "Seven souls" he proclaimed, like a verbal daredevil, one tiny toungue error could have produced "seven seals", which would have condemed humanity to spiritual ignorance for eternity.

Then on Sunday, a fat NASA creep tried to justify the space program as something that inspires hope for the future.

Albert knows NASA not just because he worked there, but because he is a US citizen who used to own this public utility, jointly, with the rest of the population.

The original idea behind this public utility was that the people paid for it, therefore they owned the technology that is developed and used there.

Currently the technology developed and used there is paid for by the people, owned by private companies, and leftovers are sold by profiteers.

The "hero" astronauts are glory seeking, short sighted, mercenary, facists who are rewarded quite handsomely by the Military Industrial Establishment for helping to enslave all of humanity so that NASA brats can play with rockets.

The future of the human race, which I have the key for, will not be delivered to enslavers but to the community.

Whats left of NASA's shuttle fleet is stll way too big.

by Albert Kada
Independent Terrorist Journalist
Special Agent CIA-A-1
World's only publisher of computer viruses besides Microsoft.
Stolen from the unpublished newspaper "The American Blasphemer"

Albert Kada
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