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From Global Resistance To Local Persistence

17.02.2003 12:33

Millions around the world demonstrated against war in the largest co-ordinated global protest ever, held in at least 603 towns and cities. The unprecidented wave of demonstrations saw estimates of 5-6 Million in much of the corporate press and figures topping 10 Million reported by independent commentators. Alongside, the global independent media movement provided coverage from much of the globe as the protests swept the planet. Here are just a few of the global report links:

Global Indymedia Portal coverage
Global total hits 11 Million!
Global radio archive *new
Global roundup with pictures from IMC Belgium
Global breaking news from
l70 Pictures from over 110 Protests around the World
Infoshop coverage - pics and reports around the World

stop war feb 15th poster
stop war feb 15th poster

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