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The Blair Witch con trick.

Tom Paine | 09.01.2003 14:54

The latest Blair con trick should be exposed.

The latest Blair con trick is to pretend to the credulous British People that he is not going to murder the women and children of Iraq.

These are the same children (not unlike his own Leo) who will die when he tell the RAF to bomb the town and cities of Iraq.

This is where the army will be this time and not out in the open desert.

This oil war will result in 30 years of guerrilla war against america and Britian.

It will ruin this century just as the British attack (1914) on Germany ruined the last century.

That as we know resulted in Stalin and Hitler, whose mess we have just cleared up.

The Alaskan convict (Lord Brown, BP) who is instructing blair to fight this war should be charged with a criminal conspiracy.

The poet hangers at Shell should also be exposed.

Blair says that he would not commit our troops to an unjust war.

He is a liar. He will do as he is told by the oil companies.

After this slaughter Blair will be the same as the psychopath of Sabra.

Incidentally, the psychopath has received his scuds from the So San.

The British people should stop this Holocaust which will be carried out in their name.

Tom Paine
- e-mail: tompainee