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The Radical Dairy 1st Birthday Party

oneofmany | 09.01.2003 13:58

celebrate the anniversay of the Radical Dairy!

on 18th jan 2002 the radical dairy social centre opened it's doors & let the world in. To celebrate it's holding a massive 1st birthday party. As with all classic dairy parties aperitifs & canapes will be served 8pm onwards, dresscode will be  informal attire or for the more daring amongst you - 'come in something you'd like to wear more often'. Music will be provided as usual by an array of big-ego d.j's (& maybe we'll let Andre as well) as well as a very late bar & vegan buffet. A competition for the best dancer, whinger, most radical activist present will be held by the olympic-sized wood burner!
As the dairy has just been served with its eviction papers this will probably be the last ever dairy party, come celebrate in style! The radical dairy is dead, long live the radical dairy!



see ya there!



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Yet another middle class party...

09.01.2003 16:58

While millions are starving, while palestinians and jews, hindus and muslims and many others are killing and maiming eachother, you will celebrate your actions of aid directed towards these suffering multitude of humans by a silly party?
I won´t show up.
I don´t think my belief in true critical thinking is welcome anyway.
But I won´t shut up - and like you lot float along with the turds of bullshit produced by middle class "radicalism".
Bon Soir!



09.01.2003 20:54

For the unenlightened amongst us the radical dairy 1st birthday party has been organised by the following:

a northern working class single mum, a northern working class ex-raver, a painter & decorator, a belligerent anarchist who would define himself as a "lumpen-prole" (beats you then NoBull in smug class superiority), an electrician, least i think that's what he is, & yes a middle-class hippie chick. Oh & me as well, your archetypal northern working class scum... see you at the party noballs


happy birthday

09.01.2003 23:53

Happy Birthday all... have fun.


oh dear oh dear

09.01.2003 23:54

Dear oh dear nobull what a truly negative attitude you have. So because we are all always in a constant state of war we are not allowed parties?!?! Because people are suffering we need to voluntarily make ourselves suffer too?!?! Well you have fun crying on your mummy's shoulder everynight but I will not allow the many negatives in this world take me down with them. Do you not realise that being defeatist and cynical and boring is exactly what society wants of you and that you are playing right into its hands?



10.01.2003 20:34


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- Homepage: cunt

Prick Your consience?

11.01.2003 06:48

Don't be dissed by the negative spammers-

they're non-starters- ajust airing their resentments because they've never tried to do anythink together with people in the laboritry of our lived lives. They can't get their heads around the fact that our class is mongrel - our power is multiplied-
we applify the multitde

The Dairy is dead
long live the dairy
C'yas @ the dairy
No Party but the @ll Night Party
blessed be