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The Nuclear Nightmare Begins

16.01.2003 07:53

Afghanistan Under Military Operations A startling new report based on research in Afghanistan points to the likelihood of large numbers of the population being exposed to uranium dust and debris. When the Afghan crisis began, many believed that a great amount of DU/dirty uranium would be used to achieve the US-British campaign objectives. The amount used in Afghanistan may have exceeded the several hundred ton's of DU/dirty uranium used in the 1990-91 Gulf War and the Balkans conflicts.

The refusal of the Ministry of Defense to fully admit that dangerous uranium weapons may have been used in Afghanistan and the conflicts in the Balkans (Bosnia and Kosova), when evidence shows the contrary, illustrates just how sensitive the government is to the possibility that its use, or its collusion in the use, of weapons of mass destruction may be discovered.

This is not just because thousands of innocent civilians will suffer due to radiological (and heavy metal) poisoning, but also because the government is prepared to send British troops and aid workers, possibly for a long occupation of the war zones, ill-equipped and vulnerable to contamination.

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