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Anti-War Actions Against The Military

15.01.2003 06:30

Following a series of actions, blockades and 'civillian inspections' of military bases last year in protest against a war with Iraq, the trend is continuing, with more civil disobedience expected in the coming days and weeks:

On the coldest night of the year so far, the 4/5 January, a Peace Camp was established at Shannon Airport in ireland. The Peace Camp kicked off with a 24 hour Women's Peace Camp and quickly began to draw a huge amount of attention from the National Media. The Green Party and Labour Party members are both now calling for the suspension of US military use of Shannon Airport. Debates on the legalities of US military use of Shannon got an extensive airing on National TV and Radio, and ended up on the front pages of UK and Irish Sunday Newspapers. See Ireland Indymedia for full story.

On the 7th Jan at USAF Menwith Hill, in North Yorkshire, 4 protesters carrying large flags with 'No To Star Wars' printed across the stars and stripes, from Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) kept up a steady and very visible presence at the gate. The weekly Tuesday night protests are part of a campaign of regular gatherings at Menwith Hill spy station. In related news the defence secretary is today expected to make a statment about the american request to expand their bases in the uk for use in their new star wars missile defence scheme. When it was first discussed around 270 backbench MPs signed a motion opposing it.

On 10th Jan two Scotland based train drivers refused to move a freight train carrying ammunition believed to be destined for British forces being deployed in the Gulf. Described as "conscientious objectors" by a supporter, said they opposed Tony Blair's threat to attack Iraq, while an EWS spokesperson declined to confirm if the train had been cancelled or not.

On Saturday 11 Jan an anti war activist was arrested whilst blockading the naval base at Portsmouth from which the Ark Royal and several other warships were due to depart for the Gulf to take part in any attack on Iraq. The blockade lasted 90 minutes, from 7.30 am-9 am. The protestors who have all pledged to engage in acts of civil disobedience against the war, also tried to board several of the warships. One of the people taking part, Rosie Bremer, said "There is still time to halt this war and that's why we are here."

Also on saturday, a total of 9 arrests were made during anti-war demonstrations at a US Air Force-run military base in Norfolk UK. 5 demonstrators were arrested after gaining access to the Royal Air Force Base at Feltwell in yet another direct action. In addition, 4 others including a person videoing for indymedia were arrested across the road from the main entrance to the base. The protest succeeded in disrupting normal operation of the base. The base at Feltwell is run by the US Air Force as part of a network of "near-space tracking facilities", and plays an important role in americas attempt to militarise space as well as being used for electronic surveillance. See Full Story.

For more info see Stop The War Coalition website

Also check IMCUK Iraq War Threat page for previous reports.

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