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Peace protesters arrested at US airbase in Cambridge

11.01.2003 02:52 | Cambridge

Fifteen Anti-war campaigners were apprehended at about 11am on the 6th after breaking into the U.S. Airbase at Mildenhall, Cambridge. The campaigners were caught on the base's main runway after breaking through a perimeter fence. An MoD spokesman "In getting on to the site there was a breach of security” and they were detained by U.S. military police, who handed them on the MoD. No charges were laid, but all 15 released on police bail to report back in 21 days.

Mildenhall houses the U.S. Air Force's 100th Air Refuelling Wing giant. Its sister base at nearby Lakenheath houses US fighter-bombers. The two bases are among the biggest U.S. airbases outside the United States mainland and are regular targets for demonstrations by peace protesters.

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