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Christmas Call To Action - Stop This War

Ken Nichols O’Keefe | 25.12.2002 21:51

Latest News on Human Shield Mission Iraq
By Ken Nichols O’Keefe email – phone Holland 31(0)6 2220 4574

Christmas Call To Action - Stop This War
Christmas Call To Action - Stop This War

"People who believe in a better way of life know that the way we live now is criminal. Denial of freedoms, death by starvation and exploitation, denigration of people's capabilities everywhere. If you see that these outcomes are socially produced, then you understand that every person who dies as a result was effectively murdered. Once you accept the possibility of attaining a humanist alternative, you have to be a terrible hypocrite, coward or cynic to live passively with the contrast between what is and what could be." – Noam Chomsky

Latest News on Human Shield Mission Iraq
By Ken Nichols O’Keefe email – phone Holland 31(0)6 2220 4574
Plan of Action as of Dec. 25
If you are ready to join our action we need to have your information that is required for Iraqi visas. Approval for our Human Shield Mission into Iraq has been obtained by Iraqi officials. Having said that I say categorically that our action is not in support or supported by the Iraqi Government. This action was initiated by people who reject war and feel strongly enough about this that they are willing to risk their own safety in defense of innocent Iraqi lives. If you are ready to commit we need to have your full name, date of birth and nationality for the visa and we need this immediately.

We request that each one of you also write a short (or longer) statement as to why you are joining this action. This is requested in the interest of negating the inevitable accusations that in doing this we are supporting Saddam Hussein, of course that is patently ridiculous but we cannot completely stop corporate media from saying it. Please take the time to do this, then we can expose corporate media for what they are if they try to falsely associate our action with Saddam Hussein. After doing this (only if you approve) we will post these statements on the Universal Kinship Society website ( We will also have a written form that is mandatory for each person to sign that declares whether they are involved in investigations or associated with in any way such agencies as the CIA or other “intelligence” agencies. If you are, YOUR ARE NOT WELCOME! We cannot stop such cowards from seeking to infiltrate a good cause such as ours but we can prove them to be the criminal liars and killers that they all too often are.

Thus far British, Spanish, Canadian, American and Dutch media are posting our action and we just began the organizing little more than one week ago. I am getting contact from major corporate media such as the London Times and Guardian as well as independent media and they want to talk with you (if you are committed to joining this action). If you are willing to talk with them then call me or email me immediately.

If you are not willing to commit you can still very much help us on our mission, PLEASE DO! Contact everyone you know on your email list and post your view of our mission on IndyMedia. Contact NGO’s and ask if they will post notices on their email lists and if they can help fund this action. We desperately need a bus and quite possibly busses. We need organizers, we need fundraisers, we need medical supplies and clothing (for the Iraqi people), we need all the help we can get!

As things stand right now our departure date is tentatively set for January 18, 2003 from London, but this is subject to change due to the evolving situation. We plan to travel through Europe via London, Brussels Amsterdam, Paris, Dachau Concentration Camp, Zurich, Milan, Sarajevo, Istanbul, and Halab and ultimately to Baghdad. We may very well need/choose to add or delete cities along the way again depending on the situation at the time, our main concern is to get there before any war begins but at the same time we want maximum participation and awareness. All things going as planned we will conduct brief rallies and pick up more Human Shield volunteers along the way. If you know people in these cities we desperately need organizers to set up a meeting point and rally for each city. We also need liaisons back in the West to monitor our efforts and post updates on websites and with IndyMedia. This support base is critical to the effectiveness of our mission.

Once in Baghdad we will strategically place ourselves with the most vulnerable people such as families and children, hospitals, etc. Iraqi people and government are overwhelmingly supportive of this for obvious reasons. Everyone will of course ultimately determine where he or she will be once in Iraq so those who are willing to take greater risks can do so while others will do as they feel, everyone will be respected in being there period.

As an ex-U.S. Marine who “fought” in the 1st Gulf War I feel a special need to do more than probably most, while in Iraq I intend to visit victims of depleted uranium and the economic sanctions. I will be documenting this on video to make a short documentary. Anyone with documentary experience or other related skills is invited to join in this effort. Assuming the war does happen I once again feel a special need to document the treatment of Iraqis by the invading forces. This will be extremely dangerous and I expect nobody to participate in this unless they are extremely comfortable with their mortality. If you do want to participate in this you can let me know at any time.

When each person leaves Iraq is impossible to determine. For those who want to be able to leave at any time you must have the money to do this independently. We will however have transportation at some point where our presence is no longer useful or it becomes impossible to stay. Of course it is our desire/mission is to stop this war and protect innocent life. So as long as we serve to prevent war and death we should be committed to staying. For those who have definite time limits of course that is fine.

The organization and effectiveness of this mission will depend on all of us who participate. Those of you who are serious need to call/email me now, the organizational realities are overwhelming without support and that is a job we call all contribute to right now.

I am honored to be in the company of people who will take the steps that you are. I would rather be with you and the Iraqi people at this pivotal time in history than with anyone else. I am inspired by your commitment and I am sure that I will be making many dear friends. I am extremely thankful to you all.

Thank you all once again.
Aloha & Peace,
Ken Nichols O’Keefe

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