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When history went mad!

Zihannasheen | 25.12.2002 14:49

Zihannasheen is also author of book "Liberating the future from the Past"

History doesn't make itself miserable, but people drive it crazy sometimes.
And often, at the end of each historical period, hysteria is forced upon
history—often with good intentions: that the insomniac times receive some
sleep. No doubt the intentions fail.
How and why does it happen?
It happens because history is a female-monkey, which out of love or out of
rape acquires her interesting condition and then has the travails. It is the
sad abortion, it is the premature delivery, it is a child born dead, it is a
child born unfit, or at last it is a healthy child. Whatever be the case,
travails are the same. The mother turns into a lump of flesh, all blood, all
pain, more dead than alive... and at last there is the result for everyone
to see. Monkey loves her fetus, she loves her premature born too, she loves
the dead born too, she loves the unfit born also—and above all the rest,
nothing pleases her more, nothing gives her more life than the healthy-born
But the history needs a midwife of necessity and that midwife—Bhishmas,
Karunas, Dronas, etc., the great warriors, have turned eunuchs. They are
hostile to any new birth of civilization. They are licking the shoes of a
blind ruler, Dharatrashtra, who has lost his head. The ruler wants to stop
time. Einstein is there at his help. The blind man wants the status-quo in
everything, his vanity-ridden beast of a son is there prodding him forever.
Our midwives of history, the great warriors turned eunuchs, applaud for all
their worth the beast of the son when he denudes their daughters and
daughters-in-law, right upon their noses...
Eunuchs at the court turn history demented at times.
And there is unprecedented race of people towards the court when the history
loses her head.
This condition lasts for a while.
Life gradually gathers her forces.
Eunuchs of the court are produced and paraded to the battlefield for
They repay their debts.
One by one they fall to the dust.
One by one they repent for shame.
They have lost their precious lives.
Their lives will never be given to them again.
They have wasted their lives for trifles...

These were the rules at the time of barbarism; these are the rules now.
Charming, isn't it?

Weep! If you've tears. Weep! you good people. Wail! you educated people.
You're nothing more than barbarians proved.
‘We were taken unawares, Sir!’
“It is not enough to say, as the Europeans do, that their continent was
taken unawares. A nation and a woman are not forgiven the unguarded hour in
which the first adventurer that came along could violate them. The riddle is
not solved by such turns of speech, but merely formulated differently. It
remains to be explained how a world of millions of people could be surprised
and delivered unresisting into captivity and genocide by a few thousand
“In no period do we find a more confused mixture of high-flown phrases and
actual uncertainty and clumsiness, of more enthusiastic striving for
innovation and more deeply rooted domination of the old routine, of more
apparent harmony of the whole society and more profound estrangement of its
You have been seeing it all for 150 years now:
“Alliances whose first proviso is separation; struggles whose first law in
indecision; wild, inane agitation in the name of tranquility, most solemn
preaching of tranquility in the name of revolution; passions without truth,
truths without passion; heroes without heroic deeds, history with
catastrophes; development whose sole driving force seems to be the calendar,
wearying with constant repetition of the same tensions and relaxations;
antagonisms that periodically seem to work themselves up to a climax only to
lose their sharpness and fall away without being able to resolve themselves;
pretentiously paraded exertions and philistine terror at the danger of world
coming to an end, and at the same time the pettiest intrigues and court
comedies played by the world redeemers... the official collective genius of
the world brought to a naught... If any section of history has been painted
gray on gray, it is this. Men and events appear as inverted Schlemihls, as
shadows that have lost their bodies.”
‘But we were taken unawares, Sir!’
Do I need to recall to you the proverb: A person taken unawares in twice a
You were taken unawares two times! Which is a lie. And what have you done to
stop yourselves from being taken unawares a third time? Can't you be taken
unawares tomorrow again? Hasn't it already started in fact? Isn't it
shinning dimly at present?
How stupid you are!... Here is the proof that you were not taken unawares.
It was written in London on 15th December 1887 AD by a Gentleman:
“... No war is possible any longer for Prussia-Germany except a world war
and world war indeed of an extent and violence hitherto undreamed of. Eight
to ten million soldiers will massacre one another and in doing so devour the
whole Europe until they have stripped it barer than any swarm of locusts has
ever done. The devastation of thirty years' war compressed into three or
four years, and spread over the whole continent; famine, pestilence, general
demoralization both of the armies and the mass of people produced by acute
distress; hopeless confusion of our artificial machinery in trade, industry
and credit, ending in general bankruptcy; collapse of the old states and
their traditional state wisdom to such an extent that crowns will roll by
dozens on the pavement and there will be nobody to pick them up; absolute
impossibility of foreseeing how it will all end and who will come out of the
struggle as victor...
“This is the prospect when the system of mutual outbidding in armaments,
taken to the final extreme, at last bears its inevitable fruit. This, my
lords, princes, and statesmen, is where in your wisdom you have brought old
You proved yourselves deaf and blind. You were not unaware but deaf and
blind, like Dhratrashtra and his henchmen.
What is more, you allowed your Dhratrashtras and their henchmen to outdo the
Gentleman's foreboding. They didn't mobilize eight to ten million soldiers
only for the slaughter, they mobilized 65 million able-bodied, young men to
massacre one another. They murdered eight and a half million of them. They
wounded 21 million more.

Life despises you because you despise yourselves.
Truth abhors you because you love lies.
Weep! If you've tears. Weep! you good people! Wail for the orphans of the
wars! Wail for the young widows! Lament for the parents whose young children
were slaughtered or crippled for the life! Lament for the wounded! Mourn for
a full century of history! Mourn for the lifelong wretchedness and brutality
you brought upon four generations of the century! Weep for your own timid
and cunning lives and those of your children's....
You've had enough of the celebration of the New Millennium!
You've had enough of duping by the glitter! They have massacred much of your
soul. They've real yourselves underfoot trampled...
It is time to ask yourselves: ‘What am I born for? Does my life have no
significance, no meaning? Am I indeed only an animal? Is life indeed so
petty? Can't life be precious—or is it indeed precious? Is there no prospect
that I can be a really decent and useful human being? What is the future of
my children? What is my duty to life?...’
Or else you are doomed to worship the detestable and the dirtiest scoundrels
It is time to understand that if you want to fight a nonsense, reactionary
war just for imposing your ‘superiority’, or nationalist might, or
justification of your right to depravity, inhumanity and plunder, for the
problems and pleasures of Kings—in ancient or modern costume—or for their
vanities, or for their honor: You will get admirals, generals, soldiers,
pressmen, states-personnel, and everybody easily organized for the
manslaughter; but if you want to wage a revolutionary struggle for
humanity's welfare and better future, majority will run away with dropped
tails between their haunches. This is because the Heroic Path is meant only
for the healthy; it is terribly strenuous—mock-heroic is easy. People
generally choose mock-heroism to lead themselves to doom. They waste their
lives; they mangle mankind—all for their sickness; for their weaknesses; for
their lack of confidence in themselves, their lives, as well as others. They
intend never to make their lives meaningful. They are ‘Easy come, easy go!’
But the most tragic phenomenon is that these very mock-heroes become your
Gods, and you prostrate before them. They themselves never get tired in
giving tall sermons about social justice, human dignity, excellence in human
beings, progress, and so forth. But even with all that they must be excused
for their ignorance and vanity—just because they are not men.
Here is an example:
‘Reelected as President in 1916 as “the man who kept us out of war”, Woodrow
Wilson got the support of Congress on the 2nd April 1917 for declaration of
war against Germany. His rhetoric was: “... we shall fight for the things
which we have always carried nearest to our hearts—for democracy... for the
rights and liberties of small nations, for a universal dominion of right by
such a concert of free peoples as shall bring peace and safety to all
nations and make the world itself at last free.”
‘ “for democracy” hands were joined with the British bosses who had George V
as the King, and where women had been denied the voting-right up to the
time. “for democracy” hands would have been joined with the tsar himself had
he not been overthrown before the time. “for democracy” all aid was later to
be meant for the tsarist whiteguards... And indeed the war was fought “for
democracy”—because Mussolini, Hitler, General Primo de Rivera, King
Alexander of Yugoslavia, and a wide range of other people were indeed the
heroes “for democracy” that came to power. Indeed it is “for democracy” that
the Sultans and dictators etc. have been receiving the special favors of
American bosses right up to the present.
‘ “rights and liberties of small nations!”, “peace and safety to all
nations!”, “world itself at last free!”—if Wilson was not a first class
rogue he certainly served to be a pure manifestation of fantasy. Or else you
can as well call him the lord of nonsense.
‘As for the rest, the terms of the Treaty of Versailles in all its monstrous
savagery show the full face of the capitalist world and the rotten heap of
lies that their world's statesmen pass as truth. The treaty speaks every
thing clearly.’
‘As for the German aims of the war, the Brest Litovsk Treaty clarifies
Take another example:
‘The Atlantic Charter (1941) of Roosevelt and Churchill proclaimed among
other things need for the projects for a peace settlement which would
“afford assurance that all the men in all the lands may live out their lives
in freedom from fear and want.”
‘ “All the men is all the lands!” “Live out their lives” “in freedom from
fear and want!”
What can one say in this regard?
The world is so wretched, tense, frustration-ridden, full of chaos and
genocides... just for the pleasure of a million odd masters—but side by
side, it is sheer ignorance and impotence to condemn these so0-called
masters for anything whatsoever, and feel contented with that “heroic”
condemnation. It is naiveté to describe them the evil sinners and curse a
Hitler or Mussolini or Stalin or Churchill. It is criminal to have any
honeymoons with the notions of any possibility of improvement, relief and
cure under this system. The masters do whatever they must. Insomnia, loss of
mind, cantankerousness, perversion, failure of kidneys, etc., are the
necessary blessing of an overripe organism rotting for death. But to make
its death a reality there have to be such elements that can ensure her
death. The old bees in the hive must be fought against by the new. The
social system suffered her paralytic attack in 1914; she had the cardiac
arrest in 1926 to 1932—she almost died in 1929—but they transplanted a pig's
heart into her body; in 1939 she declared herself mad; thereafter she became
so obese and asthmatic that anything could happen at any time. She can't
walk freely. The flesh of her cheeks is so loose that it hangs right up to
her chest. Her eyes barefaced are dreadful and damaged. Her ear lobes have
fallen away. The ugly, enormous lump of flesh, her neck, displays deeply
carved maps of every lunatic city, every devastated hill, every dirty dale,
every filthy drain of the world. Her milk-bags are double her height. They
sweep the dust and get bruised in the process when she walks...
But still the eagle—world humanity—is like a toy in her hands.
These days will end. Time will change!

Don't win disgrace before the eyes of the new generations any more.
Humanity is battered, her eyes are swelled, her blind child needs eyes and
She appeals you! She appeals your soul! She appeals the portion of the human
being that still survives in you! She appeals your valor! She appeals your
courage! She appeals your potential!
Don't disappoint her!
Don't disgrace yourselves any more!
Don't despise yourselves!
Life will love you! You'll be her heroes! All true honor of honest humanity
shall greet you! Shun your cowardice! Shun your selfishness! Life isn't
meant for perversion! Life isn't meant for depravity! Life consists in a
great discipline. There is no true honor, prospect or perspective in
contortions, distortions, lies... This ugly degradation and race towards
utter downfall, everywhere, on screen, in art, in life that by and large
express the era of abominable history post 1900 AD so far is unworthy of any
human being’s love or worship.
The culture and the conditions have degraded you, but you go on to celebrate
your self-degradations. You should be ashamed of yourselves, and you—if you
are human beings of nature—should think and devise ways for coming out of
the deadly grip of the diseases that have captured you.
Don't disgrace yourselves any more! Don't turn yourselves base any more!
Life shall never come to you again. You've this golden chance to utilize.
Don't waste it! Don't act blind! Don't behave as deaf! You are not mere
animals! Cure your sicknesses!

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26.06.2003 08:11

Very nice analysis of the situation. Keep it up Zihannasheen!

Ramesh Jaatheen
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