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Heroin prescription widened

James Holland | 04.12.2002 14:58

At last the government has decided to widen the availability of heroin as medicine to those that need it - addicts.

At the moment only about 400 addicts recieve the treatment they need from only a handful of Doctors who are specially licensed. However, there will be no 'shooting galeries' - safe places for people to take drugs.

James Holland
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At last ... but why not in Scotland???

05.12.2002 11:33

Having campaigned for seven years for this in Scotland and taken a lot of flak over it from the ususal tabloid suspects etc I'm delighted that the beginnings of common sense is creeping into UK drug policy.

But why is it only applying to England and Wales to begin with? When Scotland has an estimated 55,000 heroin/methadone addicts (over 1 per cent of the entire population).

Scotland has been shafted again. Makes me wonder if the cannabis classification will opt Scotland out too.

rebel kev
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