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REPRESSION goes on: again arrests in Italy about genoa 2001

imc italy | 04.12.2002 14:28

REPRESSION goes on: again arrests in Italy about genoa 2001

The wave of repression in Italy goes on: once again we are breathing the air of a regime.

On the morning of the 4th of December, investigations against 23 people in different cities of Italy were instigated by magistrates. 45 raids in houses also took place. The accusations against those being investigated are: devastation, depredation (crimes that are punished with 8-15 years of detention and are usually not contested to anyone), fabrication and possession of explosives, possession of illegal weapons, resistance and violence against public officials.

The judge, Elena D'Alosio, ordered preventative arrests for 9 of the 23 under investigation (the other four are under house arrest; six are obliged to remain at home; four to present themselves to the police station). All of these provisions have been ordered now, one year and an half after the relevant events.

All of this is happening the day after the liberation of the activists who were arrested on the 14th of november 2002.
The show goes on, in the days in which the magistrates want to shut the case against Placanica - the carabiniere who is accused of shooting Carlo Giuliani. Once again, everyone is speaking about Genova: the charges against the new arrested are related to the events at Genova and the G8 during the year 2001- events that ended up with the assassination of Carlo Giuliani: justice is equal for everyone, legitimate defence is not.

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