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Riq | 04.12.2002 13:19

The guys at Chiapaslinks ( are trying to network with individuals & groups around the country to coordinate better actions, news events etc

>From: Chiapaslink >Subject: Chiapas-UK networking Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 10:29:34 -0800 (PST)

>Hi folks,

>We're writing to you as someone based in the UK that >we’ve been in touch with over the past few years about >Chiapas solidarity work.
>It's been fantastic that more and more people have >been going over to visit the Zapatista communities and >have been inspired to do stuff both in Chiapas and >back here. Given that there’s a growing number of us >around the country, we wanted to suggest the idea of >pulling together a bit more of a network of active >individuals and/or groups in the UK. This is already >happening in many ways through people who have >recently been involved in the IPHAT/KIPTIK water >projects and mural painting in Chiapas, and through >all kinds of benefit gigs, talks and slide shows that >have been going on in Bristol, Brighton, London, >Edinburgh and elsewhere…
>Here are a few ideas for the sort of things this could >involve – it would be great to hear what you think and >of any other suggestions.
>The main thing at this stage could be getting together >an up-to-date list of people willing to be local >contacts with phone numbers/email/town. This could for >example help bring people together in the same area, >as we often hear from people who would like to meet up >with others in the same city. Also when we or anyone >else hears of people wanting to go over to Chiapas, >they can be put in touch with people who have been out >there to find out more about what it's really like, >what to expect, handy hints etc.
>Equally this could be a contact list of people who are >up for giving talks about the Zapatista struggle, as >there are a few of us who get requests for talks at >conferences / events / gatherings which we’ve had to >turn down due to lack of time and people to ask.
>If we had a UK email list between us, we could let >each other know about events happening around the >country. These could also be included in existing >newsletters like the Chiapas Update that we produce >once every few months, and the Kiptik newsletter.
>On that note:
>(and with very short notice), there a Volunteer’s >get-together at the Easton community Centre, Kilburn >Street, Easton, Bristol this Saturday, 23rd November. >The meeting is at 7pm (not 6pm as previously >publicised) for anyone interested in volunteering on >water projects, mural-painting or as peace observers >in Chiapas. It’ll be an opportunity for people >thinking of working in the autonomous communities to >chat with other volunteers. There will be practical >information and handy hints on what to expect, what to >take and an overview of the political situation in >Chiapas and the Zapatista struggle. After the meeting >there will be a social in the pub over the road. >Contact for more info.
>In terms of publications, is anyone out there >interested in taking on rotating the editing of a >quarterly update, along the lines of the Chiapas >Update we've been sending out (covering what's >happening in Chiapas esp in relation to prisoners, >positive stories/projects, Plan Puebla-Panama and >Montes Azules, and how to get involved) or something >completely different! We also want to start doing a >print version which can be taken to talks/benefit gigs >etc.
>Also if any of you can send us any first hand >testimony accounts of volunteers work in Chiapas for >the Chiapaslink web site that would be great – it’s >been over a year since anyone from the collective has >been to Chiapas so we're a bit out of date about how >things really are on the ground. People contacting us >are always more enthusiastic about reading these than >dry lists of things to bring and do. If you have been >over in the last year and feel up to writing 200-1000 >words on your experiences could you forward the >accounts to us. Cheers.
>Hope to hear from you when you have a moment - it >would be really good to get some discussion going. If >you are happy to share some basic contact details and >for us to start building up a list, then please send –
>for example - your name, phone number/email, town, >whether you’ve been to Chiapas, if you’re willing to >do talks, and anything else you think might be >relevant (but not too much detail either…!)
>We’d like to have another get-together to take this >idea forward with as many of you that would like to >come along sometime in the New Year, hopefully to >coincide with a Zapatista Film Festival in Bristol. >Watch this space… Or let us know if you are organising >anything else.
>Please forward this to anyone you know who might be >interested – they may get it twice but we decided not >to copy everyone’s email addresses at this stage.
>Hasta pronto.

>La lucha sigue!
>Sophie, Yvette & Matt Chiapaslink

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