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Three Years Of Media Resistance

12.12.2002 13:12

Resistance remains global. Three years into our shared experiments in open publishing, a growing number of Indymedia centers around the world continue to seek out and mobilise media forms which can dramatically alter the balance of power between multinational corporations and grassroots community organising. With a bit of coding, some cheap equipment, and the commitment of many dedicated volunteers, we have set up participatory websites providing news and commentary in eighteen languages, across six continents. Our work extends beyond the bounds of the Internet, through local media production centers, radio networks, community newspapers, film and video. Here there are also now IMC websites in Ireland and Bristol, with many other local groups developing.

On November 24, 1999, a trans-Pacific collaboration brought Indymedia into existence for the massive anti-WTO Seattle mobilisation which followed the International J18 protests in June 1999. In the three years since, Indymedia's global network has grown massively, crossing national borders without difficulty. Despite repression and political targeting of indymedia across europe and the world, IMC activists continue to challenge information monopolies based on wealth and power. Now with new mobilisations like Media Democracy Day concentrating on media issues, this certainly is only the beginning.

We'd also like to extend a welcome to the new indymedia centers who have joined the network in the last couple months:
Ambazonia, West Africa; Andorra; Chile; Croatia; Idaho, USA; Istanbul; Nice, France; Peru; Pittsburgh, USA; Poland; Prague; North Texas (Dallas), USA; Sonora, Mexico; Tallahassee, USA; and Winnipeg (nb: IMC's without links are still setting up their websites).

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