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Amina Lawal

Clinton Fein / | 27.11.2002 11:32

Never before has the objectification of women in beauty pageants brought to home the glaring contradictions and startling similarities as to how women are treated in patriarchic societies, than the eruption of riots in Kaduna, Nigeria.

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Nigerian Cry

(Sung to the tune of American Pie)

It was not very long ago
I wish I could forget it now
An awful burden stole her smile
She didn’t really stand a chance
There never was a great romance
A pawn, a victim, hero for a while

Did you dare to think of love
Before you felt another shove
Sharia’s latest double blow?
Do you think this stain upon your soul
Will help you gain any more control
Do you think this is the lowest that you can go?

Well the cause celebre light goes dim
With increasing loss of life and limb
And the latest headline news
Like a lighted dynamite fuse
It was your country’s hope, a stroke of luck
To show the world it was not stuck
But who knew things would run amok
Amina Lawal hide
I started prayin’

Why, why Miss Nigerian Cry
Tried to stone you, then enthrone you but then things went awry
Tried to rescue, but then left you in the blink of an eye
Nigeria’s shame, you’ll bear the blame, why?
‘Cos Allah says that women must die.

Now girls parade where public views
Celebrate objects in high heel shoes
World Peace wantons led astray
The profane lust of Nigeria’s whore
That caused the men to go to war
A score to settle, so the women will obey
Where now feminists, not the pious, scream
Where teenagers stoned, rock the English dream
From this nightmare you won’t be woken
You miserable little token
And the men who seem to hate you most
Muhammad, Allah, and abandoned host
Jesus Christ, you’re the holy ghost
A lowly prophet's bride
We stared prayin’

Chorus (x2)

We stared prayin’
We stared prayin’

Clinton Fein /
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