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Hereford Students Against War plan series of stalls

HSAW | 27.11.2002 11:11

Students From Hereford Colleges will be holding a series of anti war stalls in Hereford City Centre distributing leaflets and signing petitions, as well as promoting various actions. This follows a mass die-in that was held in hereford a few weeks ago.

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OOOhh!! Stalls.....That'll Stop Tony

27.11.2002 12:06

Come on be real, this is more likley to get people to join the delightful SWP/GR, than form an effective deterent to war.

Oh just as a point of interest, at Florence Guy Taylor and his cohort Chris i.e. the organisers of GR wernt sleeping at the sports hall for all the other poor followers of GR, nor were they even marching with GR at the protest.
So where were they exactly? well we know they were trying to claim the protest as their own by being at the from front waving their little flag.

But are they too good to be sleeping with the party faithful? or was it more suspicious?

(cocaine and blow-jobs from a select group of sixth-form socialists in hotel paid for by the members? maybe not but possibly)

Two-tiered protesting nice one Guy, Tony will be proud.

Special Branch

missing the point

27.11.2002 12:44

Er, I think the point of such actions is to give a different point of view to a public that has been brainwashed by the mass media. Like it or not, you are not going to stop the war without a fair bit of public opinion on your side.


From protest to resistance

27.11.2002 13:07

When is the `anti-war movement` gonna start moving away from petitions and paper sales, and start doing something useful? Do you really think you'll stop the war by holding a stall? Touch much fluffy peace stuff I reckon. Direct action will stop a war not a stall.


Building popular support

27.11.2002 16:45

I think we need both passive and direct action to achieve anything our aims. The general public will not be won over by tales of "anarchist punks raiding military facilities" but they will by "smart, polite students explaining why the war is wrong". Once we have won over the public then they may even join us in raids on military facilities, but until then, unless such direct action is backed up by "fluffy", informative, support building action - the corp media will slay us!


We are doing both

27.11.2002 19:55

We are doing stalls AS WELL AS Direct Action, we've already done a mass die in, a march blocking traffic, and we have plans for further actions. However, we are NOT SWP and we are NOT selling anything. However, we are putting the other side of opinion to that of the coroprate media and trying to get the cider drinking, straw chewing people of hereford to be against the War, and to send that message to the govt, and even maybe take action.

As it is, our activities in hereford have led to the biggest protests ever seen in hereford, so id say its workin!


m hm

28.11.2002 11:46

'cocaine and blow jobs'??? I think SB is revealing more about his own fantasies than anything else...

kurious oranj