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Sunday 24th November- Storming the CBI

sam | 27.11.2002 01:37

(text only)On Sunday 24th November 600 protesters gathered outside the CBI conference to protest the arrival of Paul O'Neill US Treasury secretary.Over 50 were able to break into the GMEX building and disrupt the conference.(see Manchester Evening News website (manchesteronline) for picture

On Sunday evening 24th November 600 anti war and anti-capitalist protesters gathered outside the CBI confernce at the GMEX in Manchester to protest the arrival of US Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill.(This creep just commited $396billion to war)Protesters did not feel confident that O'Neill could here them clearly enough so they decided to storm the conference. Around 50 were able to get past security and march up and down inside shouting "George Bush we know you your daddy was a killer too" Meanwhile the protesters outside occupied the steps and surrounded the conference centre.When the protesters inside decided to rejoin the crowd outside there was a huge cheer. The protest then moved off noisily to do a tour of outside of the conference centre.Cars beeped in support. Victory to the FBU Dont Attack Iraq-Resist Revolt Fuck Capitalism

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