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Concerned Hacknites | 26.11.2002 20:47

Hackney Council are secretly trying to sell off the
Yorkshire Grove basketball court and grassy play area
to property developers. If they are successful, the
area will be bulldozed and used to build housing.

The council have run up a huge debt through poor
management and now plan to claw a tiny amount back
from local residents by selling local amenities from
under our feet.

This pretty little park is the only area locally where
children can play ball games safely and is used by
local children every day. The money grabbing council
can't see that though. Their eyes are firmly fixed on
the £100,000 they think they will raise from the sale.
This is well below market value and according to
Mayor Jules Pipe the council have only spoken to one
bidder. The council's secret 'Housing disposal sites
survey' says: "Basketball court obviously in use - not
littered and playground grassed area as well as
nursery site. Great potential!" Of course it's in use;
it's the only local area for kids to play safely,
adults to relax outside on benches, meet their
neighbours, practice tai chi, exercise their dogs and
one man to walk his cat!

Surely the Labour Council's job is to protect
services, improve them and generally look after the
interests of local people, not to appear to act like
some sleazy estate agent; flogging other people's
assets off at bargain basement prices to their mates?
The developers on this site stand to make a huge
profit. The council earn money from the sale plus get
the chance to charge extra council tax and sell extra
parking permits to new residents. We lose a valuable
public space and gain years of construction traffic,
noise and pollution.

We need your help to prevent the council from getting
away with it. Let's put a stop to Hackney's attempts
to destroy our local environment and tell them to
start making it better.


Concerned Hacknites