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The Wall

vngelis | 24.11.2002 10:43

Another Brick in the Wall? Israel Towards Collapse?

Israel Towards Collapse

Never since the creation of the Zionist entity has the crisis been so severe. So severe in fact that American imperialism needs to intervene in the Middle East to change the balance of forces in its favour. But the apprehension of American imperialism is contingent in the final analysis on awareness of its historical impasse. This is no longer the 1970's when American imperialism could support its puppets in the Lebanon or its puppets in Israel and frighten the Arabs into submission.

If the resistance in the Lebanon led to the partial withdrawal of America from the region and the first intifada brought the impasse into Israel, the second intifada is the deathknell of the Zionist entity. On the surface appearance of things the Palestinians are in the worst position in four decades, since the last settler state was created, with the rise of the American Empire. But a closer analysis reveals two things. Israel's cover is being blown. It is no longer the so-called only democratic state in the region. It has evicted all the Palestinians within its midst and it is building a wall to garrison itself. The only other such parallel in history is the example of Prussia. A militarised state whose sole purpose was the extension of war.

Sharon, the mad dog of Zionism, has called repeatedly for the expulsion of the 3 million Palestinians into Jordan and for the US to launch a war against Iraq. He has even been quoted as saying that the "Arabs may indeed have the oil but we have the matches!" If and when the war begins and Sharon expels the Palestinians, Israels true colours will be there for all to see. Such a development, tragic as it will be, will create a vacuum in the Middle East. As societies abhor vaccuums, someone has to fill it. In order to see the probable developments one has to once more revert to the past.

When in the 1970's the Zionists supported the Christian Phalangists in the Lebanon and sought to destroy the growth of Palestinian nationalism by destroying their political representatives, the PLO, what they achieved was the exact opposite of what they started out to do in the first place. Indeed after the Phalangists found a brick wall in the Palestinian camps, they called for Israel's intervention. Then the Zionists called for Americas. After each successive intervention more resistance, not less ocurred. After a time Israel had to leave the Lebanon with its tail between its legs.

The first intifada can now be viewed in the same light. Zionism was weakened on its home turf, but the vacillations of the Arab leaders enabled it some breathing space. The outbreak of the 2nd intifada though set everyones plans out of the window. Sharon has as much power in quelling this intifada as he had in quelling the resistance in the Lebanon or the first intifada. Hence the necessity of US intervention once more to coerce and frighten the Arab masses into submission arises. Hence the necesity of painting every 'terrorist' act as an act of desperate Arabs... But the desperation is in the ranks of Zionism.

Military coercion by its very nature only has limited effects. Fascism could develop to the extent it developed internally. Once it started to globalise, it started to unravel. Zionism has already surpassed that stage. We are witnessing its death throes. It is stuck between a rock and hard place. But because harakiri was never the preferred option of settlers, fire and brimstone will be their future, as it is their present.

Victory to the Intifada!
Down with the Zionism!