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Govt. running scared

a new dawn | 24.11.2002 09:09

In desperation Prescott appeals to firefighters through News of the World (barf!)

The contempt for this govt is running at record levels, what will they think of next?

Block out The Sun campaign:

Much of the influence exercised by 'newspapers' comes from their front page headlines, That's why they use such large print! Here's an easy tactic to help foil their malicious propaganda. Next time you're in a newsagents, pick up a copy of the Sun (or whatever other rag gets your goat) and make like your reading it, then simply return it to it's pile face down. A few less minds infected and a few less copies sold.

If you can't be arsed reading what Prescott has to say just go here to splat the fat tosser

a new dawn
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