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Who put Saddam in power?

PeaceNotSaddam! | 15.11.2002 15:02

It´s time everyone realised that the powers that helped Saddam Hussein maintaining his oppression have a reasonable duty to lift this yoke from the backs of the suffering Iraqi population!

Saddam Hussein is a war criminal.
He will not hand himself over to the UN by free will.
His oppression of the Iraqis will not stop if we switch over to a policy of passive acceptance.
How do we then act as a world community?
There is an ethical problem involved in invading another country. That problem won´t disappear even with the authority of the UN. But there´s another ethical problem connected to responding to Saddams evil that should be given more attention; WHO is guilty for the situation in Iraq? The Iraqis themselves? Anyone who thinks so should pick up the history book.
The geographical area of the present state "Iraq" is the cradle of one (or rather, several) of the worlds oldest civilisation(s). Throughout world history this land has had a multitude of rulers. Before Iraq became a "free" nation it was a british "protectorate". This is essential. The modern Iraq is, in many ways, a construction of the west!
Just as important is to realise that, especially during the Iraq-Iran war in the eighties, the west cooperated with Saddam and helped him stay in power. The people of Iraq has in fact got less to do with Saddams brutal regime, than most people understand. THEY have NOT choosen him as their leader. It is obvious that if someone, except Saddam himself, has a clear responsability for the oppression existing in Iraq today and the threat of Iraqi aggression, it is the WEST, in particular Great Britain an the US. Therefore they owe the Iraqis their freedom! Saddam Hussein no one owes nothing in terms of human consideration except a fair trial, like Göring, Hess and other war criminals has been guaranteed.
If Iraq is invaded there will be iraqi casualties. But most of them will be people who support Saddam, not iraqi civilians to the same degree. IF Saddam´s oppression continues more and more economic resources will be spent on palaces, monuments and not at least weapons of different sorts. As a consequence of this madness there will certainly be A LOT of civilian casualties. So, Who would have the responsability for such incongruities? - Among others western anti-war radicals. Everyone supporting Saddam´s mania for power has blood on their hands!



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