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Manchester Loombreaker - Issue 32

Loombreaker Collective | 13.11.2002 15:24

Issue 32 of the Loombreaker is now online. In this month's issue - Halloween anti-war day of action, Colin Davies get three years! Menwith Hill and RTZ plant blockaded, manchester imc on the cards, radical radio and more.

"Who is going to take care of the patients?" Colin Davies, on being sentenced at Minshull Street court. Cannabis campaigner Colin Davies has been found guilty of illegally supplyingcannabis, and sentenced to an outrageous and severe three years in prison.

On the day that sentence was passed, and in a move clearly calculated to intimidate, over 50 GM Police raided Stockport's Cannabis Cafe, the Dutch Experience, which was opened by Colin and others last year. No warrant was shown, and Cafe punters were slammed up against walls, searched and names taken. Four arrests were made. Apparently the police claimed they were taking the action to protect Colin's property - a blatant lie. The cafe is now closed and cafe volunteers are considering their next move.

In a later related case, Stockport MEP Chris Davies and Italain MEP MarcoPannella were given seven days custody and £1000 fine each (plus costs) for pleading guilty to possession of cannabis in a protest against drug laws. With unintended irony the judge said Chris Davies was highly irresponsible and had taken up valuable court and police time. To add insult to injury the Stockport Express has labelled Colin a 'dope dealer'. But he's not a dealer, he's a healer. Colin has always made clear the point of his actions has been to support people who benefit from the medical use of marijuana. He suffers severe back pains himself, and his belief in the pain relieving effects of marijuana are based on personal experience.

So far as we know Colin is still being held at Strangeways prison. You canwrite to him at: Colin Davies, GP8726, HMP Strangeways, 1 Southall St., M60 9AH

See and click on forum for latest news on Colin and the Dutch Experience

Also in this month's issue - Halloween anti-war day of action, Colin Davies get three years! Menwith Hill and RTZ plant blockaded, Manchester IMC on the cards, radical radio and more.

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15.11.2002 22:54

Free Colin NOW


This shows cannabis will never be legalised!

23.11.2002 23:39

This just goes to show that governments will never legalise cannabis no matter how hard the legalise cannabis campaigners try with their massive legalise cannabis campaines, demonstrations and festivals. The legalise cannabis cmapigners are fighting a losing battle.


Hypocrites and Liars

06.12.2002 17:38

Two different drugs - one which carries high dependency risks, causes severe physiological and psychological damage over time, is linked with violence, aggression and crime and is part of mainstream British culture, the other which carries few dependency risks, causes no proven physiological or pschological damage, is not linked with violence and only linked with crime because possession of it has been criminalized. The significant difference, though, is that the first, alcohol, is socially acceptable and culturally embedded because it brings in high tax revenues, and the other, cannabis, brings in no tax revenue at all. The key difference, in short, is about government control of revenues, not 'protection' of the public. The only crimes associated with cannabis are directly associated with its prohibited status.

There are confusing messages going out to all of us, but particularly to youngsters who really do believe, because of some initiatives, that cannabis use is now legal, and don't understand why they are being hassled by the police. Some of those kids are going to end up inside, not for doing anything anti-social or nasty, but because they will at some point have stepped unwittingly over an invisible line drawn up between policing policy and the confusion that is government drug control policy. That anybody at all is inside for possessing cannabis is obscene, and in years to come we will look back to this in the same way that we now look at outmoded laws associated with social control, such as Poor Laws and Bastardy Laws, which imprisoned men and women for being poor, and women for giving birth outside of marriage!

New Labour (aka ' Old Conservative') are so busy doing a headless chicken job trying to satisfy middle England that they are creating a situation where how you are treated in relation to possession depends on where you live. No big surprises that there are no principles involved here - but the approach to weed defies even the government's own distorted logic.

As for the message that moves to legalize 'will never win' - I hope it satisfies you that innocent people are in prison, victimized and harassed by the police for smoking or eating something less harmful than the pint that you plan to sink tonight down the pub.